Flower Modelling Paste

Flower Modelling Paste, ideal for using in the finer CelShapes molds as it is. For some of the deeper cavity moulds the addition of some sugarpaste to the flowerpaste is advisable. See the individual tutorial instructions for more details. Also suitable for making all your sugar flowers. Also known as petal paste and gum paste.

Product Description

2 Medium Egg Whites

500g Icing Sugar (powdered sugar)

8tsp (level) Tylose Powder

8tsp (level) Vegetable Fat

Lightly beat the egg whites in an electric food mixer (eg, Kenwood). Add the icing sugar and beat until it reaches soft peak royal icing consistency. Add the tylose powder, then small pieces of vegetable fat, a little at a time and mix with the K beater. The mixture will thicken very quickly. Turn out onto a work surface, sprinkled with a bit of icing sugar. Knead well until the paste is no longer sticky. Extra sugar may be required depending on the size of the eggs. Place in a plastic bag and airtight container, and store in the refrigerator. Suitable for home freezing.


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