Yellow CelPads with three holes
Makiing Mexican Hat flowers using a CelPad

CelPad (Seconds)


Factory Imperfects of the amazing foam pad  used to make great sugar flowers with ease.Thin and flute petals and leaves to perfection, using either the soft flexible yellow surface or the firmer orange fabric surface. Three holes for making mexican hat flowers.  128 x 178mm

After Quality Control inspection this item has been categorised as imperfect. They may be classified as either slight or basic dependent upon the nature of the fault. One or more of the following may be present –

  • Fabric creasing or bubbling
  • Tiny hollows in the foam caused by burst air bubbles

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Product Description

Use the foam modelling pad (CelPad) for thinning and frilling sugar paste flowers and frills for cakes. Paste kept at steady temperature making it easier to tool without sticking and ripping etc.

Additional Information

Weight 0.031 kg

Slight, Basic