Factory Second yellow foam pad
Pad for making sugar cake frills

CelPad 2 (Seconds)


The fabulous yellow foam pad makes frills come to life really quickly and using minimal effort. Fabric coated surface can be greased for finer finish for large flower petals and flounces.  178 x 178mm

.After Quality Control inspection this item has been categorised as imperfect. They may be classified as either slight or basic dependent upon the nature of the fault. One or more of the following may be present –

  • Fabric Creasing or Bubbling,
  • Tiny hollows caused by burst air bubbles


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Product Description

Slight – Categorised as a second for cosmetic reasons only and any marking or imperfection will not be significant and will not detract from full use of the product. Product and all component parts supplied where applicable.

 Basic – Marking or Surface Imperfection may be present  within the main working area but should not significantly affect use. Unpackaged product only supplied without any component parts.

 Not eligible for any further discounts, returns or exchanges.

Additional Information

Weight 0.045 kg

Slight, Basic