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There is no better way than using the real thing for reference when making flowers, models or creating cake designs  When a sample is not available, books can be a real inspirational source of information, some giving acute detail which makes your task as the cake decorator a great deal easier. Check out our range of reference books on flowers, animals, birds and crafts.

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Creatief Bloemschikken met Anthirium by Aad van Uffelen pp 93 – Use this as a resource for making striking floral designs using Anthurium. Why not use Aads’ iinspiration to style your own arrangements using alternative feature flowers.

The Hummingbird Book pp89 – Some great pictures of the hummingbird in all their splendour make colouring sugarcraft birds simple. Not only do you get the close up images, you will learn all about these beautiful birds from this book.

Wildlife of the Kruger National Park  by Struk pp80 – Anyone with a love of wild animals who would like some fantastic pictures of animals in their natural habitat will love this as a reference book.  The detail shown in the pictures of these magnificent beasts is amazing.

Wild Flowers of the Marsh & Waterway by Lewis Clark -pp90 – A field Guide to flowers in the Pacific Northwest showing flowers close up with a backdrop of foliage from their natural habitat. Some fabulous detail is evident in this inspiring book.

Wild Flowers of South Africa by DR J P Rourke pp119 – This stunning book with its wonderful pictures will allow any sugarcrafter to study in detail all they need to re-create some beautiful flowers.