Make Sugar Freesias

Using a size  guide to measure the piece of paste your flower is made from means that you can achieve a beautifully graded freesia spike in sugar with relative ease.  A size guide can make all the difference to flowers’ finish and appearance. Why should you add one into your equipment box, I hear you ask?  Well, confidence that you’ve got it right every time is something that escapes most of us and with knowledge, practice and experience they can look truly stunning for you as well.Make Freesia Size GuideRoll a small piece of paste into a ball which sits 2/3 above and 1/3 below the hole. It does not want to easily pass through the hole but when gently pressed, will pass throug without a great deal of distortion.

Grading the paste sizes. The paste size for the smallest flower (position number 1) would tend to be one size smaller than the flower which will be taped in position number 2 on the flower stem and so on, until your spike is completed.

Coming Soon – video