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Q. I am having problems in getting the paste out of my CelShapes (Scrolls) Mould. Please can you give me some hints and tips
A. There are a few reasons why the paste may be sticking – mainly the paste consistency. Pastes which contain tylose require a plastic scraper rather than a palette knife. You may also find that the pressure being used when removing the paste from the mould affects the shape of the design. See our Tutorial on sugarcraft techniques using the CelShapes Moulds. The principles are the same for many of the designs. More in depth information can be found in the Premium Tutorials.

Q. I prefer not to order over a website. Can I still place an order?
A. We welcome order by telephone, or through the post. You can print out an order form to fill out. Check out our contact page for the relevant details you require.

Q. Can I buy your products locally?
A. We have numerous stockists spread around the UK, with some in Europe as well as around the world. If you cannot find a stockist convenient to you, we are happy to despatch direct to customers by mail order.